About Mokshayan

Our country has relied on nature for centuries. Nature is celebrated for its immense capacity for nurturing. It provides us with medicinal concoctions for our various needs. From the simplest of aches to the gravest of illnesses, natural remedies are the answer to all. The umbrella term for the healing secret of nature is 'Ayurveda.' Ayurvedic medicines can exist in the form of herbal tonics or tablets. You can take Ayurvedic medicines to lead a healthy life. These medicines can aid your body in several ways. Certain herbs or plant products can help regenerate cells at a faster pace. Moreover, Ayurveda helps to curb desire. This, in turn, helps one achieve the 'Oja Shakti' which is the spiritual power. 

Closely integrated into our cultural idea of nature and healing is the spiritual concept of "Moksha". According to Indian philosophy, every person's natural goal should be to attain Moksha. Moksha is complete harmonization of Mind, Body and Soul. Moksha also means freedom from all kinds of suffering. And the path to get freedom from all types of diseases, disorders and suffering is named as Mokshayan.

In Ayurvedic textbooks, ‘Rasayana’ is defined as a drug, diet or regimen which destroys the disease affecting the body. Mokshayan is the ancient regenerative secret to attain Moksha. It is a specially formulated Rasayana that is prepared with high-quality ingredients. The dried extracts of nutritional substances in the ingredients are present in high concentrations. Mokshayan helps us to keep all the factors of leading a healthy life in check. It is a health supplement with no side-effects. This is the requirement which many modern medicines fail to meet. 

Mokshayan is a power-house of several therapeutic and healing ingredients. The ingredients in the tonic are carefully curated by experts keeping in mind the several requirements of the body. Mokshayan is a brew of the most powerful herbs and plant products. These ingredients lend themselves to aid the healing processes in the body. It is an amalgamation of herbs like tulsi, ghritkumari or aloe-vera and more. It contains anti-oxidants that cleanse, replenish, and enhance your body. 

Mokshayan helps in the regeneration of cells.  Mokshayan flushes out the cells that attack your healthier cells. Mokshayan helps to flush out toxic or diseased cells and replace them with healthier cells. It helps to replace the lost cells with new and improved healthy cells. It is also replete with anti-oxidants. It prevents diseases and slows down one's aging process. Mokshayan enables immune systems to gain a boost, which helps fight the damaging cells. The tonic helps to fight against several life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cholesterols, and more. Mokshayan also consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which help to prevent complications in health. All in all, the use of Mokshayan promotes overall health and well-being. 

Besides the medicinal attributes of Mokshayan, it also helps in other areas. It helps to balance the three bodily substances. They are the Vata, the Pitta, and the Kapha - the Tridoshas. The first step to attaining Moksha is to harmonize the body, mind, and soul. This is only possible if we take heed to our physical health first. Here is where Mokshayan steps in to help achieve your goal.