Brio Hydroponics is a well-known production organization licensed under the Companies Act of 1956. Its parent firm, Brio Agri Producer Company Ltd, runs the business.

Brio Hydroponics is working to create farming techniques that are both lucrative and kind to the environment. Happy Farmin' is a revolutionary Indoor Farming system that will bring the joy of the convenience of hydroponics farming; whether it be your Home, Restaurant, or Hotel, we have covered it all.

What is hydroponics farming?

Hydroponic farming, or "soilless farming," is growing vegetables and other crops without using soil.

Void of soil? Wow, how is that even conceivable? Given that I am aware of your thoughts, here's how the magical process takes place:

In a hydroponic farming method, the roots are supported in various ways without using soil. Plant roots are cared for and developed in liquid static mediums like Rockwool and Vermiculite or a solution of liquid nutrients.

This organic farming technique lowers labor requirements for plant maintenance and eliminates the need for soil. They are added to the water to give plants faster access to nutrients. Water prevents the roots from drying out and maintains a comfortable and humid atmosphere for plants. Hydroponic systems produce higher yields of fresher, more nutrient-rich plants than conventional outdoor farming.

What is the Happy Farmin' Indoor Farming system?

It is just like any other kitchen appliance. The Happy Farmin' brings cutting-edge hydroponics technology to your Home, Restaurant, or Hotel with minimal space usage.

At Happy Farmin', we provide a variety of plants for you to cultivate in your yard, including edible flowers, leafy green vegetables, lettuce, and more! Plants are grown hydroponically, requiring 90% less water than conventional organic growing techniques and zero pesticides. You can be guaranteed to have fresh and nourishing produce close at hand, with 50+ crops spread across four categories available all year long. Prepare to produce fresh food more quickly, easily, and satisfactorily!

6 Reasons why you need Happy Farmin' System

Complete Flexibility

Grow manually or let intelligent automation take over.

Smart Care

Optimized supply of water, light & nutrients


90% less water usage and minimum energy consumption

Crop Selection

Select your favorites from a spread of 50+ crops.

Seedpod Setting

Seedpod Setting Insert crop seeds in the Seedpods and place them indoors

Grow Time

Witness the crops grow in their little haven.
Happy Farmin' is the Best Way to Get Fresh Greens All Year Round.

What can increase with our Happy Farmin' System?

Culinary Herbs

Growing culinary plants with Happy Farmin' is a fantastic way to access fresh, organic flavor year-round. This kind of hydroponic farming does away with the need for soil by allowing plants to develop in water. Herthat cooking can thrive year-round if a constant temperature and humidity are maintained indoors.

Amethyst Basil, Lemon Balm, Shiso (Britton, Green, and Red), Thai Basil, and Za'atar are typical culinary plants in Happy Farmin'. These herbs contribute fresh flavor combinations and textures while offering the same health advantages as traditional culinary herbs. They have an intense flavor and offer nutritious benefits like vitamins and C.

It is possible to harvest many of the popular culinary plants while they are still young and tender. That enables you to use Happy Farmin' to get the freshest food available. The best aspect is that they will keep growing, so you can eat fresh herbs!

Leafy Green Vegetables

A balanced diet must include leafy green vegetables, which Happy Farmin' makes simple to produce. Your taste buds will be delighted by these hydroponically grown, fresh veggies! Choose from a variety of leafy greens, such as Amaranth, Asian Delight, Astro Arugula, Black Magic Kale, Carlton, Green Giant Mustard, Green Sorrel, Joi Choi, Li Ren Choi, Miz America Mustard, Mizuna, Oldenbor Kale, Portuguese Kale, Red Cloud, Red Komatsuna, Red Veined Sorrel, Rosie, Scarlet Frills Mustard, Swiss Chard, Tatsoi, Tokyo Bekana, and Win-Win Choi.

These leafy greens, produced hydroponically by Happy Farmin', taste great and have many advantages. For instance, Asian Delight is well known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, while amaranth is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Astro Arugula contains antioxidants, while Black Magic Kale contains anti-cancer agents. These are only a few health advantages of eating freshly produced food from organic farms. With Happy Farmin', you will indeed discover something delicious for your meal!

Lettuce & Salad Mixes

The lettuce and salad mixes from Happy Farmin are ideal if you're searching for fresh, Hydroponic food. In addition to being rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, they taste great. We offer a range of lettuce and salad mix colors, textures, and flavors to accommodate every taste.

Our Green Oakleaf mix is excellent for salads and sandwiches because it has a nutty flavor.
You can always appreciate fresh food because Happy Farmin's lettuce and salad mixes are assured to be of the highest quality. You'll find something to suit your palate among our many options.

Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are hydroponically produced and entirely natural, so they won't just look stunning but also taste fantastic. Many edible blooms range from exotic nasturtiums to sweet and fragrant lavender. They make the ideal addition to any dish as a garnish and are an excellent way to add flavor and color to your dinner. To add an extra unique flourish to salads, desserts, soups, or even drinks, try sprinkling some of our edible flowers on top of them. Edible flowers are an excellent way to give your salads and other meals a distinctive touch. These pretty flowers enhance your food with delightful flavors and vivid colors. You can be confident that the edible flowers you purchase from Happy Farmin' were grown using hydroponic farming techniques and are of excellent quality.

From the comfort of your house, eatery, or hotel, grow and indulge in nature with your greens, edible flowers, herbs, and more. Happy Farmin' is a revolutionary appliance designed to create a new, healthier, hassle-free world. The time-tested hydroponics magic drives it and is simple, intelligent, seamless, and sustainable. Have your farm in your area, and start cultivating for enjoyment. Merry farming!

Happy Farmin" hydroponic farming is a fantastic way to get fresh, nutrient-dense greens year-round. Since it is more ecologically friendly than conventional organic farming, this agriculture method is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to being cultivated without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, it results in healthier and more nutrient-dense plants than organic farming produces. Hydroponic farming with Happy Farmin' is something to consider for anyone looking for a quick and effective way to access fresher and tastier food. Additionally, you'll contribute to environmental protection by reducing your dependence on chemical-intensive organic farming methods. Additionally, since you won't have to spend hours weeding your garden, you'll save time and energy.