Syrian oregano (Za’atar)

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Syrian oregano

Compact, trailing plant that is a member of the oregano family. Fuzzy, light blue-green, spear-shaped leaves that grow in clustered pairs along woody stems. Very small, thick leaves.

Days in the Nursery
12-14 days

Harvest Cycle
5 weeks of intermittent harvesting-- 6 weeks to full harvest

Yield Per Shelf
2-4 lbs/Harvest Cycle

Flavor Characteristics
Spicy, aromatic, similar to oregano

Thinning technique

After you've transplanted your seedlings to the growing shelf. Each pod should be thinned to 1 - 2 seedlings. To do this pull out the excess seedlings using a pair of tweezers or your fingers gently.

Harvesting technique

Harvest stalk by stalk. Harvest the longest/most mature stalks first, by cutting towards the base of the stalk, between two leaf sets. Za’atar bolts quickly and flowers should be plucked as soon as they appear.