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Garden thyme

Thyme is a member of the mint family and a relative of oregano. Thyme has small, dark green leaves that grow in spindly, multi-stalked, low-lying bunches. Leaves grow in pairs up a very thin, curled, and woody stem. Stems cannot be consumed.

Days in the Nursery
12-14 days

Harvest Cycle
5 weeks of intermittent harvesting-- 6 weeks to full harvest

Yield Per Shelf
3-6 lbs/Harvest Cycle

Flavor Characteristics
Sweet, warm, slightly spicy

Thinning technique

After you've transplanted your seedlings to the growing shelf. Each pod should be thinned to 1 - 2 seedlings. To do this pull out the excess seedlings using a pair of tweezers or your fingers gently.

Harvesting technique

Grab each plant at the base, make a fist, and cut across above the fist. After harvesting, remove any plant debris that has fallen on the tray. Thyme can also be harvested by individual stems. When doing so, harvest the largest stems first by cutting about 1” above the stem base.